You’ve gotta’ love a sleeper. There’s just so much satisfaction in driving a car that looks slower than it really is, and there’s just so much pleasure to be had in embarrassing more expensive machinery that dares to take the bait. Cars that have ridiculous levels of performance and an unassuming exterior are nothing new, of course. They’ve been around for donkey’s years. But thanks to YouTube, everybody can witness the best sleepers from around the world from the comfort of their own home; they need not be embarrassed first-hand by a rusty, old banger. Let’s take a look at the best sleepers on YouTube.

The HGP-tuned 700 HP VW Golf R that destroys Lamborghini Huracan’s This feature from Dragtimesinfo focuses on a MK6 Golf R that’s been tuned to a whopping 700bhp – and what it can do is absolutely astonishing!


The Smart Car that’s turbocharged and outruns Mustangs! Who ever thought that a Smart Car would make mincemeat of a Mustang? Well this little beast does, with a quarter mile time of 13.092. It even does a wheelie!

The Toyota Supra that demolishes a Ferrari 458 You can tell that this Supra is tuned – but not to the extent that it has been. And the way that it demolishes this Ferrari 458 is hilarious. Boost!

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