Vehicle Air Conditioning and Servicing

We specialise in all types of vehicle air conditioning, re-gassing, repairs and servicing.

We are mobile across Manchester, so you don’t have to worry about bringing your vehicle to us – we’ll come out to you and perform the repair or service wherever you are!

What makes us different?

Firstly, our prices.You could have your air conditioning serviced for just 50% of the cost quoted by your dealership, saving you money.

Secondly, our process.We don’t skimp on service – we will replace and recharge the lubricant and refrigerant levels and we always service air conditioning systems in line with OEM requirements. So, there’s no warranty issues with us.

Thirdly, our experience.We started out servicing air conditioning systems in cars, so we’ve well over 15 years’ industry experience. As you can imagine, we’ve serviced a wide range of air conditioning systems – even those that used CFC-12.

Our expert knowledge in repair and car air-conditioning systems is second to none. We offer full diagnostics, including leak testing and fault finding. Our aircon services also extend beyond cars and vans to agricultural vehicles.

Does your car smell?

Here’s how our vehicle aircon servicing will help

There is often a bad smell associated with old air conditioning systems and air conditioning systems that haven’t been used in a while. The smell is caused by bacteria build-up in the heater box system. This can be cured by cleaning out the heater box. This is best done with a high-performance anti-bacterial treatment.

The reason bacteria tend to grow in the heater box is because it’s the perfect environment for organic matter to flourish. It is sterile and warm. If your air conditioning smells when you turn it on, then it’s probably caused by bacteria in the heater box. That bacteria can cause a severe asthmatic reaction and greatly affects the elderly and your children.

Our air conditioning service will eliminate the bad smell from your car. We use a high-performance anti-bacterial and anti-fungal cleaner to thoroughly clean the heater box and eliminate all nasties in there. This is a guarantee.

We specialise in all aspects of air con, from re-gassing to stripping and re-fitting all air conditioning parts and servicing. Call us today on 0800 458 1543 for a free quote and to book in your air conditioning service.


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