Vehicle Air Conditioning and Servicing

We specialise in all types or car air conditioning, regassing, repairs and servicing.

We are mobile across the Northwest, so you do not have to worry about bringing your vehicle to us, we will come out to you and perform the repair or service wherever you are.

What makes us different?

Firstly our prices are second to none, add that to our exceptional expertise in car air conditioning and you can quicklybegin to see why we serve such a large number of happy customers.

Qualified technicians at hyperchips we specialise in every facets of air con, from regassing, this simply recharges your vehicles air conditioning, fitting all air conditioning parts and servicing.

The benefits of using us for vehicle air conditioning and servicing are;

  • Mobile call out
  • Our expert knowledge in repair and car air-conditioning systems is second to none.
  • We offer a full diagnostics, including leak testing and fault diagnostics.
  • Our service for aircon services extend beyond cars and vans to even agricultural vehicles

Does your car smell? How will our vehicle aircon servicing will help?

There is often is a bad smell to a vehicle that has had a lack of servicing to their aircon system often is unpleasant and is due to a build up of bacteria in the cars heater box system. Curing this is quite easily achieved by using an anti bacterial treatment which we use upon servicing any cars aircon system.

The condensation that is often formed in the car and the heater box is a great breeding ground for fungi and other micro-organisms to grow and multiply especially throughout the hot summer periods. These often enter the passenger compartment through the vents, in turn after long periods of use can produce some bad effect such as the common cold and flu like symptoms. This greatly affects the elderly, young children and people with asthma.

Treat yourself and your car with our vehicle air con servicing.

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