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At Hyperchips we are experts in tuning. We’ll reprogram your car’s Engine Control Unit (ECU) to significantly improve your car’s performance.

The ECU of most vehicles is programmed to cater to the middle ground – drivers who ignore service schedules and use second rate fuel. It means your car is only working at 80% capacity. Our ECU remapping service releases the additional horsepower and torque your engine is capable of safely producing.

We’re not talking about small incremental improvements here – a chip tuned vehicle can see a 40% increase in power and torque.

If you want to get the most performance out of your vehicle, remapping is for you. It is the most cost-effective way to tune your car. We can remap 90 per cent of cars through the OBD port and we operate throughout the Manchester area. We can remap most cars the same week we receive an enquiry so contact us to get started.

Manchester remapping

We are Manchester remappingexperts. We’re based in Manchester and travel up and down the M62 every day. We’ve worked in every area of Manchester and we are happy to service all surrounding areas to suit your needs. We’re a fully insured business and we have more experience than most other tuning companies.

Our software and engine maps have all been developed in house over the last 15 years. We’ve seen and tuned every car there is; OBD upgrades, BDM upgrades and we’ve mastered the latest EDC17 technology. So, find your car and model with the search module and see how much Hyperchips can do for you. You won’t look back.

How can more power mean better fuel economy in ECU remapping?

We are often asked this question, and our answer is always the same; with more power and torque under foot, you won’t have to work your engine as hard to get up to speed. You’ll also be ale to drive in a higher gear. These translate to better fuel economy. Of course, if you drive your car hard all of the time, then you won’t see that improvement in efficiency.

Why ECU remapping?

ECU Remapping gets you performance without having to add hardware to your vehicle. Remapping your engine is a tried and tested method of getting better performance and everything we do is completely reversible – the same can’t be said of hardware upgrades.

If you put your toe down in a vehicle we have remapped you’ll feel a more responsive engine, a marked increase in power and a satisfying new engine roar – all from the same vehicle. As well as a marked increase in performance, your fuel economy will be significantly improved. Over the course of one year you can expect the ECU remapping to pay for itself in fuel savings alone. This hike in performance is what you should expect from a company with more than 15 years’ experience in remapping vehicles for performance in Manchester.

How does ECU remapping work?

90 per cent of the vehicles we tune in Manchester are tuned through the OBD port. This is a non-intrusive tuning method that’s safe and untraceable if done correctly.
The other 10 per cent require ECU removal. For example, until recently, F-Series BMW’s required ECU removal to be tuned. This is now no longer a problem because we’ve cracked the safety codes put in place on these ECUs.

If you are unsure about which type of remapping service you require, it is best to contact us, and we’ll recommend the correct method. As we have said, most cars can be remapped through the OBD port and that applies across marquees.

What does ECU remapping do?

ECU remapping changes the software uploaded to the ECU. The existing software is modified to increase certain parameters that directly influence performance. Fuelling, timing, boost and sensors are modified, among other parameters. The key with all these modifications is to change them in a safe manner. That means changing them so that more performance can be extracted without damaging the engine.

Rest assured, we always thoroughly explain the procedure to all customers. You will know what parameters we change when we remap your vehicle.

How can I guarantee a good remap?

There are a few ways you can guarantee a good remap. First, you should only deal with companies who specialise in remapping. Second, the company you deal with should have an excellent reputation and a trackable list of customers. Third, the company should be fully insured. Fourth, they should always develop their own remaps.

We have bolded this last point because many tuning companies resell remaps and don’t develop their own software. This means they don’t truly know what their ECU remaps do and what parameters they change. This is dangerous for two reasons, 1. Because should anything go wrong, they won’t know what to change, and 2. Because the company may not be able to offer a warranty on the remap.

We have developed all our own remaps over 15 years in the industry. You can have confidence in Hyperchips to always provide the highest quality remap. Interested? Get your car remapped by us at a time that suits you in Manchester. Start your enquiry on Facebook, by emailing us at or by calling us on 0800 458 1543.

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