At Hyperchips we can remap your car’s Engine Control Unit (ECU – The cars brain) to significantly improve your cars performance and fuel economy. The ECU of most vehicles is mapped to cater to the middle ground, for drivers who ignore service schedules and use second rate fuel; it means your car is only working at 80% capacity. With ecu remapping service we are capable of delivering much more power, plenty more torque and more miles for your money. We’re not talking about small incremental changes here, a chip tuned vehicle can get a 40% increase in power – the changes Hyperchips make are anything but cosmetic.

How can more power mean better fuel economy in ecu remapping?

A car traveling at 70mph has to work very hard to maintain its speed, but if we remap the ecu that vehicle it has significantly increased power. The same car, with the same engine, now has to work less to maintain its 70mph speed meaning overall fuel economy is improved. Increased power with no additional weight to carry is how a remapped ecu can improve your fuel economy by so much.

Why ECU Remapping and why hyperchips?

ECU Remapping gets you performance without having to add hardware to your vehicle. Remapping your engine is a tried and tested method of getting better performance and everything we do is completely reversible – the same can’t be said of hardware upgrades.

If you put your toe down in a vehicle we have remapped you’ll feel a more responsive engine, a marked increase in power and a satisfying new engine roar – all from the same vehicle. As well as a marked increase in performance, your fuel economy will be significantly improved. Over the course of one year you can expect the ecu remapping to pay for itself in fuel savings alone. This hike in performance is what you should expect from a company with more than 15 years experience in remapping vehicles for performance.

Our software and engine maps have all been developed in house over the last 15 years, we’ve seen and chipped every car there is; OBD upgrades, BDM upgrades and we’ve mastered the latest EDC17 technology. So find your car and model with the search module and see how much HyperChips can do for you. You won’t look back, and if you do it will only be to see the dust.

What is the difference between ecu remapping and chip tuning?

The difference between ECU remapping and chip tuning, or ‘chipping’ is a pretty simple one. Age. And the fact that you’re very unlikely to have a car chipped now. One term describes a method needed for older cars, one describes the more modern approach.

Chipping is the now largely redundant way of increasing a car’s performance and efficiency, used on cars built before 2000*. ECU remapping is the modern term, and the modern way of doing the same thing chipping does for older cars.

Remapping carries out the same process as chipping, but does so without actually chipping the car. In the past, for cars built before the year 2000, to modify a car you would physically be opening the vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU) and taking out the chip to manually tune and reconfigure, and then replacing it into the car, usually via a soldering method. There is a lot of room for error with this procedure

Nowadays, we predominantly do things much safer, and much more effective with ECU remapping. Using the standardised port fitted in cars post 2000, we can now hook up to the diagnostics in your vehicle with our state-of-the-art kit, and with our specialist software and expert analysis, we can remap and re-programme your ECU without any invasive techniques…. read more