Speed Limiter Removal Service

We can unlock your vehicle’s potential with our speed limiter removal service.

Most vehicles leave the factory with a speed limit in place. For example, most new Volkswagen’s have a speed limit of 155mph. At the other end of the market, the Ferrari LaFerrari has a limited top speed of 220mph.

We can remove the speed limiter on 90 per cent of cars, vans and agricultural vehicles. We deliver our service mobile throughout Manchester.

Please note that it is illegal to remove the speed limiter on goods vehicles with a maximum laden weight of more than 3.5 tonnes. This applies to all commercial vehicles. These vehicles have a speed limiter to reduce accidents. We will not remove the limiter on vehicles that have one fitted by law.

Our speed limiter removal service is performed by our own experienced professionals. Not only are we extremely knowledgeable in this field, but our prices are the most competitive. We’ve been in the industry for over 15 years so there’s nothing we don’t know about speed limiter removal, alteration, hardware and software.

Deleting or removing the speed limiter

Depending on how the speed limiter has been installed in your vehicle, we may perform a different procedure to remove the speed limitation.

We’ll delete any speed limit settings made on the ECU – the electronic control unit – and we can remove any physical device applied to the vehicle which is limiting it.

Our speed limiter removal service is performed by experienced professionals. The fix that is best for your vehicle depends on the make and model. We can either remove the limit completely, giving you free reign to really test your car, or we can raise or lower the speed limit so that there’s still an element of system intervention in place.

Why would I want to get my speed limiter removed?

If you have a powerful performance car, you might compete in sanctioned drag race events or you might track your car. You might even have fun on private land. By removing the speed limiter on your car, you will have the ability to go faster than ever before – so long as you have enough runway to get there, of course.

You might have even purchased a vehicle with a speed limiter in place. So long as the speed limiter wasn’t installed to comply with the law, this can be removed to give you more flexibility and to allow you to drive your vehicle to its full potential.

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