Chip Tuning Services

Chip Tuning or Chipping is simply the first meaning of what is referred to in the modern day as ecu remapping. It involves the physical removal of the program chip from the main ECU in the vehicle and either re-programming or replacement with a new chip modified with a hyper chips remap. When performing our chip tuning services we remove the Eprom from the ecu and the software on the chip is customized on a bench. We remap the chip enhancing and changing the software on the chip. Chip tuning is not as common in this day and age as OBD remapping, which has taken its place allowing us to plugin to the cars ECU directly without needing to remove the vehicles ECU.

We can work on all ages of ECU from the early EDC’s needing chip tuning to modern ECU remapping.

Why should I get my vehicle chip tunned?

Chip tuning can be performed for a no. of reasons here are 3 main reasons why you should get your vehicle chip tuned with us.

Chip tuning for improved performance

We can supply Up to 40% more power to your vehicle which means you will have an improved throttle response. No longer will you have those hidden flat spots and turbo lag. Once your vehicle has been chip tuned you will experience a much better performance with the increased power.

Chip tuning for improved torque

When we chip tune your car you will immediately notice a much better acceleration from the low revs and when using higher gears. This means that you will have more pulling power. You will notice your engines response which will be much cleaner and crisper transforming your cars driving experience.

Chip tuning for better fuel consumption and better economy

Now that your car has a much better performance in power and improved torque you will pull away with ease, you will be able to change up through the gears much sooner and change down in less. If you have an automatic this will respond in the same way too. With this improvement this will keeps your RPMs lower and is significantly make your vehicle more fuel efficient.

Why doesn’t the vehicle come like this out of the factory?

The ECU of most cars are mapped to equate to the middle ground, for all drivers who ignore service schedules and use second rate fuel; it means your car is only working at 80% capacity. With chip tuning services we are capable of delivering much more power, plenty more torque and more miles for your money. We’re not talking about small incremental changes here, a chip tuned vehicle can get a 40% increase in power – the changes Hyperchips make are anything but cosmetic.