Chip Tuning Services

Chip tuning in Manchester and surrounding areas

‘Chip tuning’ or ‘chipping’ is another term for ‘ECU remapping’ where the Engine Control Unit is reprogrammed with new parameters to achieve better performance.

Chipping is an older term than ECU remapping. It was coined in the days when an ECU’s program chip had to be physically removed to be reprogrammed. The chip would be altered for better performance and returned to the vehicle or it’d replaced with a new performance chip that delivers the same boost in performance.

Despite dropping in popularity due to the modern OBD-II port, through which a vehicle can be remapped without physical removal of the ECU, there is still a need for chip tuning since some vehicles are protected from OBD reprogramming. These vehicles need to have the ECU physically removed to benefit from a performance remap.

What does ‘chipping’ do?

Chipping involves the physical removal of the program chip from the main ECU in the vehicle. It is then re-programmed or replaced with a new chip.

The new software program makes a vehicle’s engine perform differently. Most cars leave the factory running at 80% specification. This is to cater to people who might miss service schedules and run on cheap fuel. If your car is looked after, unlocking that extra 20 per cent will make a huge difference in terms of performance.

The new software program changes several parameters. These include engine speed, fuelling, ignition timing, cam timing, boost pressure and pedal position. These can be dialled up to deliver a huge performance boost, or they can be increased to a safe level to maintain reliability whilst delivering a noticeable improvement in performance.

Chip tuning with Hyperchips

We have chip tuned vehicles of all makes and model for over 15 years.

Approximately 10 per cent of all the vehicles we tune require chipping. Most of these are older models manufactured before 1996 because the OBD port wasn’t around then. However, some modern vehicles (notably Japanese and Korean ones) also require chip tuning because the ECU’s are so well protected.

We can work on all ages of ECU from the early EDC’s that always needing chip tuning to modern ECUs which we develop new solutions for. For example, we recently invested in a new technology that allows us to remap BMW F-Series models. Prior to this, these models required physical ECU removal to be tuned.

Chip tuning Manchester

We’re local to Manchester and provide chip tuning services throughout the area. For chip tuning in Manchester, we are your one-stop shop. We provide free quotes on all chip tuning work. All you need to do is make an enquiry.

Why should I get my vehicle chip tuned?

Chip tuning can be performed for several reasons.

Here are 3 main reasons why you should get your vehicle chip tuned with us:

  1. Chip tuning for improved performance

We can supply up to 40% more power to your vehicle which means you will have an improved throttle response. No longer will you have those hidden flat spots and turbo lag. Once your vehicle has been chip tuned you will experience much better performance.

  1. Chip tuning for improved torque

When we chip tune your car you will immediately notice much better acceleration in all gears. Our chip tuning solution improves low rev response and pulling power when using higher gears for a more enjoyable drive and safer overtaking.

  1. Chip tuning for better fuel consumption and better economy

Chip tuning makes achieving better fuel economy easier. Because your car will have more power and torque, you won’t have to work the engine as hard to get up to speed or maintain it. This means you’ll use less fuel during every day journeys. Of course, if you drive hard, you’ll use more fuel. It’s all about finding the right balance for better fuel economy.

Why doesn’t the vehicle come like this out of the factory?

The ECU of most cars is programmed for the middle ground, which is drivers who ignore service schedules and use second rate fuel. It means your car is only working at 80% capacity – and some work at even less.  With chip tuning services, we can deliver much more power, plenty more torque and more miles for your money.

We’re not talking about small incremental changes here, a chip tuned vehicle can get a 40% increase in power – the changes Hyperchips make are anything but cosmetic.

Does my car need chipping, or can it be tuned through the OBD port?

If your car or other vehicle has an OBD port, then there’s a strong possibility we can tune it without physically removing the ECU from your car. However, this is not a guarantee. Some car ECUs are heavily protected by the OEM and it can take several years for the security to be cracked. The best way to know for sure if your car needs chipping, or if it can be remapped through the OBD port, is to speak to one of our experts.

To find out more about our chip tuning service and for a free quote, contact us on Facebook, by emailing us at by calling us on 0800 458 1543. We do our best to tune all vehicles, regardless of ECU type.