What is a DPF (Diesel Particular Filter)?

A vehicle DPF, also formally known as Diesel Particulate Filter (or FAP filtre à particules in France) is a particle filter which decreases the total amount of pollution emitted by diesel vehicles. DPF filters do this by filtering the solid particles which are found in the exhaust fumes.Over periods of time, the particle filter (DPF) fitted on diesel vehicles can become cloged and blocked by an accumulation of exhaust soot, this is often caused by general wear or is even sometimes even component faults. A replacement of the filter is then needed due to the filter becoming clogged.

A vehicle can regenerate by burning off the particles which are built up in the particle filter.

The Benefits of our DPF Removal Services

  •  Preventing any future issues

    Having your Diesel Particular Filter repaired may need to be done again in the near future. To avoid the cost and problem issues in the future then get your DPF removed.

  •  Increased fuel economy

    When your vehicle has problems with its DPF it will burn more fuel in order to bring the temperature down and reduce a number of emissions emitted. Having your DPF removed can increase your fuel economy as the need to regulate the temperature is removed.

  •  Avoiding expensive repairs

    Replacing a DPF typically costs around. £1,000-£3,000. To avoid these repair costs why don’t you get it removed?

  •  A loss of engine power

    Once your filter becomes clogged or blocked you will then notice a large reduction is engine power. To increase the engine power the filter needs to be unclogged this can be done by having the DPF removed.

Cost benefits after DPF have been removed explained.

After DPF replacement you will expect to see an improved fuel economy, a less likelihood of breaking down or your vehicle going into “limp” mode. More importantly, you will averagely save yourself £1000’s not having to repair the DPF, which can often be considered as a service item at around 75,000 especially on common modern day Volvo’s.

Why could you be having issues with your DPF ?

We are starting to see a forever growing amount of customers approaching us for our DPF removal software and service, this is mainly due to the DPF (diesel particulate filter) not being regenerated as it should be, so the customers report a decrease of power or poor running. In most cases, the engine warning light (the main yellow light on the dashboard when your car has an issue) and the DPF warning light are also illuminated. At this stage, it usually means an unfortunately large repair bill, so this is why we are here to help with our DPF removal software at a fraction of the price. Our DPF removal software is offered for around £200 but physical DPF removal must be undertaken after we have completed our process. A list of recommended workshops will be listed on our site, alternatively, contact us.

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