How to reduce fleet emissions and improve fuel economy

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Think consumers have been hit hard by the rising costs of fuel? Spare a thought for the fleet managers out there who have had to scale back operations and even let drivers go because it’s become so expensive to run a fleet in the past few years. The fact is, rising fuel costs have had […]

Will a remap affect the resale value of my car?

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This is one of the most common afterthoughts of remapping. It’s important to consider anything that’ll affect your car’s residuals whether you decide to sell privately or trade in your car for a new one, so we’re happy to clarify our answer to this question. Here’s our thoughts: Remapping your car could only affect the […]

Remapping an older car – is it safe?

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Lots of people decide to have their older car remapped – and a quick search online reveals that few of those people regret having a remap. But, it’s important to consider prior to going through with a remap on an older car that it is going to accelerate any pre-existing mechanical issues and so it’s […]

Should you tell your insurance company about your remap?

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We’ve all heard horror stories about claims being turned down by insurance companies who in turn have built up quite the reputation for having deep pockets but short arms. But the truth is that so long as you follow the rules of the road and drive by the book, your insurance company should have no […]