I have car air conditioning problems, Why is this?

If you have just bought a car, you might be disappointed if it has car air conditioning problems and how cold the it is – if so, you are not alone. A quick search on forums reveals that there are many motorists have car air conditioning problems, which is frustrating because you simply do not expect a new car to behave this way. So why is it?

1. Sometimes, the air conditioning isn’t sufficiently topped up by the dealer

The reason there are many new cars with car air conditioning problems is that they don’t have the ice cold air conditioning system you would expect it to have because of factory and dealership prep. When a new car is built, the air conditioning system will not always be topped up to its maximum level at the factory. This saves the factory money and when your new car arrives at the dealership, your dealer will top up the air conditioning as part of its customer preparation process. But this doesn’t always happen and some new cars are given to customers without a topped up air con system.

If you have a really new car and have car air conditioning problems where the air isn’t ice cold, then this is probably the cause. Unfortunately, dealerships aren’t always forthcoming with information about their prep but they should look at your car and top the air con up for free if it isn’t topped up.

2. Your air conditioning system might have a leak

You wouldn’t expect a new car to have quality issues, especially car air conditioning problems, but you’d be surprised how many brand new cars we have seen with a whole host of problems. And when it comes to air con systems in new cars we’ve worked on many that have leaks. A leak in an air conditioning system will cause the gases to permeate from the system, reducing its efficiency. There are no real symptoms of a leak except for the air con system not being as cold as it should be. If you believe you have a leak, then it’s important to diagnose it as soon as possible.

Most dealerships can diagnose car air conditioning problems and leaks for you, and Hyperchips can diagnose air conditioning leaks for you and fix them at the roadside, far quicker and often more cost effectively than your dealership can and by using the same high quality equipment.

I have an older car. Why do I have air conditioning problems meaning the air isn’t cold enough?

If you have landed on this article and you have an older car (even just a few years old), then chances are your air conditioning is not as cold as it should be because your system has not been serviced in a while. Around 10% of air conditioning gas permeates from the system every year, so on a 3 year old car the air con system will only be running at 70% efficiency. If you have had your air con serviced recently and your system isn’t performing as it should be, then your system might have a leak. The only way to tell is to test the system out.

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