You can expect to pay anything from £100 to over £1,000 for a remap. The sweet spot is the £250 – £500 mark, which is where tuning companies provide the highest quality remaps – remaps that are extensively tested – at an accessible price point. For those who are new to tuning, however, this may seem like an extortionately high price.

After all, a remap is invisible to the naked eye.

But don’t be fooled – remap software is not simple to create nor are remaps easy to install.

Here’s the low-down on why remaps are priced as they are:


The equipment needed to do work on an engine control unit (ECU) is very expensive, and tuners have to cover this cost. Some tuners quite happily use a cheap piece of equipment to modify an ECU and charge very little for their time, but these tuners aren’t the best – and any work on your car should be performed by people with the knowledge and tools to do a proper job. It really does pay to spend £250 – £500 for a remap, because you can be sure that the equipment that’s used to work on your vehicle is some of the best on the market.

At Hyperchips, for example, we have over £100,000 worth’ of equipment in our Volkswagen Transporter. This enables us to tune the widest range of vehicles in the north of England.

Training and skills

Don’t believe anyone who tells you that remapping is easy. It’s a skilled job, and it can take months of training before somebody is able to go anywhere near an ECU. As such, it isn’t a job for DIYers’, which means tuners are always in high demand. This demand and supply, along with a lack of high quality tuners, means tuning companies can charge high prices for their service. Thankfully, companies like Hyperchips charge a reasonable price for remaps.

Travel expenses

A lot of tuning companies provide a mobile service – where a man in a van comes out to you at a time and on a day of your convenience. In this instance, the tuner has overheads to think about including their own vehicle maintenance, taxation and upkeep, not to mention fuel costs – and the equipment mentioned above. If such a tuner were to remap your car for a super-low price of £100 in this instance, then they wouldn’t be making any money themselves which isn’t very good for business. They are there to make money after all!

We provide a fully mobile service which means we are always on the road. As such, all of our travel expenses play a part in how we price our remaps.

Are remaps really that expensive?

Although parting with £250 – £500 may sound expensive, it really isn’t in the tuning world. You can spend hundreds of pounds on a performance exhaust system that returns a measly 5bhp and thousands of pounds on an upgraded cylinder head for a 10 – 20% performance increase. Pound-for-pound, remapping is hands-down the most cost-effective type of tuning and it requires no additional performance modifications to enjoy.

Do you think remaps are expensive? Perhaps you’ve put off a stage 1 tune because you don’t think it’ll be worth it? Share your thoughts with us by commenting below or join the discussion on Facebook.