Should I remap my 1.0-litre car?

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If you are the owner of a Volkswagen Up, Skoda Citigo or any other 1.0-litre car, then you’ll know that these machines are excellent for navigating towns and cities and can more than hold their own on the motorway. But, you’ll also know that they need an awful lot of revving and gear changes to really get […]

Get ready for the summer with an air conditioning service

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Get ready for the summer with an air conditioning service from Hyperchips. Our fully mobile air-con service means that we will come to you to regas, repair or service your air conditioning. If you have been looking for a convenient, cost-effective and high quality air conditioning service, call us on 0800 458 1543 or from your mobile on 07590 196772 today. Vehicle […]

How to spot the tuning cowboys

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There isn’t an industry in the world without its cowboys – you know, those horrible people who take your money after doing a rubbish job or even no job at all, who then happen to vanish into thin air. Given how much you’ve paid for your car, it’s vital that you avoid these tuning cowboys […]

Eco tuning for trucks, wagons and Lorries

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Whether you are a fleet manager who looks after a number of trucks, wagons and Lorries or a self-employed driver, getting every mile out of a tank of fuel is critical. Stopping for fuel can destroy daily targets and burning fuel too quickly and destroy profit margins. The fact is, fuel economy is one of […]