Going one step further with tuning stage 2

Some people will question the need for tuning stage 2, especially since a humble stage 1 tune adds so much more performance to a vehicle. But for some, tuning stage 1 simply isn’t enough – some folk want to make further modifications to their vehicle to improve airflow, boost and sound – while others simple want to see how far they can really go.

And that’s where tuning stage 2 comes in –tuning stage 2 can be simply defined as making the most of simple mechanical enhancements alongside a new remap installation.

Tuning Stage 2 mechanical modifications usually comprise of:

  • Uprated intake system
  • Uprated clutch on manual vehicles
  • De-restricted turbo back exhaust system
  • Uprated intercooler

These simple mechanical enhancements greatly increase the airflow and cooling efficiencies of a vehicle and enable a tuning company to increase the power and torque over stock and stage 1 across the rev range. In the real-world, this translates to a much sharper throttle response, a cooler and more efficient engine and a much better sound.

Tuning Stage 2 gains

Stage 1 tuning results in an increase of around 20-30% in power and torque in the case of forced induction vehicles. Stage 2 tuning doesn’t typically have the same level of gains – you can realistically expect a further 5-10% increase in power and torque. Our stage 2 tuning software for the VW Scirocco 2.0 TSI adds 61 bhp and 85 lb /ft – very impressive indeed.

Who is tuning stage 2 for?

Tuning Stage 2 is not for everyone – most of the time, those wishing to go one step further with tuning stage 2 do so because they attend track days or compete in other legal races, such as at Crail. If you are interested in tuning stage 2 because you attend track days or compete in other legal races, we also highly recommend an uprated brake kit (discs and pads), the best road legal tyres you can afford, high quality lowering springs (such as Eibach springs) or coilovers and an anti-roll/ anti-sway bar.

The above listed modifications will increase the grip and stopping power of your vehicle considerably – which is essential if you are also increasing the performance of your vehicle. It’s also important to consider that certain events and track days will require the fitting of an approved roll cage and 5-point harnesses, so always check the entry requirements first.

If you are interested in going one step further with tuning stage 2, give us a call on 0800 458 1543 or from your mobile on 07590 196772 for a friendly no obligation chat or simply head on over to this page and fill in our contact form.