It’s getting warmer, and you know what that means – many, many drives to the seaside and your best excuses for simply heading out and cruising in the sun. It’s one of the best things about living in England is the weather (bear with us), or more specifically only seeing the sun a handful of days in a year (bear with us still). For you see, it ensures we never take the good times for granted. It ensures we always make the most of the sun when it comes out to play.

If like us you’ll be doing a mixture of work and play miles in the coming months, you might like to consider getting your car remapped by Hyperchips. The way we see it, there’s nothing worse than discovering a sublime country road and not being able to rag the nuts of your car and enjoy some (legal) speeds or having to change down gears to climb hills. What a remap does is improve the overall performance of your car so that when the road ahead is too good not to attack or when the road ahead is too steep to climb in fifth, you can.

Here’s just some of the reasons to get your car remapped this summer:

  • Overtake safer on country roads and on the motorway;
  • Get more smiles per mile with an increase in performance;
  • Maintain high speeds easier with extra torque;
  • Enjoy lower fuel bills because your engine won’t have to work as hard.

Drivers of naturally aspirated and forced induction cars will benefit greatly from a remap. A 5-10% increase in power and torque on naturally aspirated engines is easy to achieve and a 20-30% increase in power and torque on turbocharged and supercharged cars is easy too.

But it isn’t just the power increase that’s important; it is how that extra power is delivered.

Our remaps improve throttle response, low-end and mid-range torque and will ensure your engine pulls harder all of the time. This is ideal for all of those road trips you are planning to take in the summer. And the best part? If you drive your remapped car normally (like you did prior to your remap), you will see an improvement in fuel economy because your engine won’t have to work anywhere near as hard to shift you, your family and all of those tents in your boot. In fact, we’ve seen high mileage drivers save over £1k on their annual fuel bill.

So what say you? In our honest opinion, remapping your car this summer is a win-win. A slam dunk. A no-brainer. You will be amazed by just how much we can improve your car, so get in touch with us today to discuss ECU remapping. You will find that we have a solution for practically all makes and models, and we can even top up your air conditioning while we’re tuning your pride and joy so that you can cruise in comfort. Call us on 0800 458 1543 or from your mobile on 07590 196772 to find out more today.