When it comes to a car remap, you pay for what you get

Not too long ago, we worked on a BMW 335d for a customer who had just got a car remap by another company. The car remap had seemed fine at first but the more the customer drove it the more he didn’t like it. There was a huge flat spot between 2000-3000rpm where the torque tailed off and the car while more responsive at low revs felt a lot slower towards the top end. At first, the customer thought there might be something wrong with the car, but there wasn’t prior to the car remap so he got the company he paid to remap his car to reinstall his stock software. Immediately, it felt better.

This man paid £150 to get a car remap – a very, very low price. The tuning company refunded him his money but the BMW driver knew that he had learnt a valuable lesson – when it comes to getting a car remap, you pay for what you get.

When he told us about his experience, he was surprised by our response. We weren’t surprised at all. We set to work remapping his 335d at the roadside using our equipment that’s worth in excess of £100k. The result? A 335d car remap that goes like stink and performs at all revs in every gear like a 3.0-litre twin-turbo should.

This customer story isn’t an isolated one. We have seen this many times before and rogue tuners and low quality tuning is an issue the tuning industry faces every single day. And we can’t stress the importance of using a reputable tuner enough, because the ECU is the brain of your vehicle and without it functioning correctly you run the risk of serious mechanical failures. But, the good news is that the vast majority of tuners are trust-worthy. It’s just tough to sift through the rubbish. Here’s a handy guide we wrote if you are struggling to find a reputable tuner.

Our advice? Be wary of anything that’s too good to be true

The best advice we can give motorists looking to get a car remap is to be wary of anything that’s too good to be true. The people tuning cars for rock bottom prices are a fine example of this. And we aren’t trying to strike fear into your heart to stop you from opting for a cheaper service than our own – reputable tuning companies invest considerably in the development of their tuning software and this always comes at a premium. You can expect to pay £300 – £1,000 for a decent car remap, and even higher for supercars like Lamborghinis.

This is the going rate for quality. It’s as simple as that.

Have you been burnt by an unscrupulous tuner? Perhaps we’ve fixed another tuner’s mistakes for you? Be sure to share your stories with us by commenting below or join the discussion on Facebook.