Will autonomous driving make our roads safer?

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Autonomous driving technologies are in cars already. Ford and Nissan have shown off their Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication (V2V) systems over the last 2 years and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) comes as standard on the Volkswagen Golf. Such systems are exciting. But are they going to make our roads safer? Will autonomous car tech make roads safer? […]

The Best Sleepers on YouTube

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You’ve gotta’ love a sleeper. There’s just so much satisfaction in driving a car that looks slower than it really is, and there’s just so much pleasure to be had in embarrassing more expensive machinery that dares to take the bait. Cars that have ridiculous levels of performance and an unassuming exterior are nothing new, […]

Performance Remapping, is it worth it?

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With the potential to boost power and torque by a whopping 30 percent, ECU remapping is easily the best pound-for-pound performance modification one can make to their vehicle – way ahead of the likes of uprated intercoolers, intake systems and exhaust systems. The process is quick too. Newer vehicles can be remapped directly through the […]

BlueMotion remapping

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Volkswagen’s BlueMotion range of cars are extremely economical. Even if you drive them hard, they will return upwards of 40mpg. But this comes at the expense of speed and fun. Of course, BlueMotion cars aren’t supposed to be pocket rockets – but at times, the lack of acceleration these cars have can be seriously annoying. […]