Just as cold weather affects fuel economy, hot weather can too. Although it goes about it in a different way. Whereas cold weather puts increasing strain on your engine to feed your battery and alternator with sufficient energy, thus reducing fuel economy, hot weather puts less strain on your engine because your engine warms up to an efficient operating temperature quicker. As a result, fuel economy can actually improve in the summer. On this blog post you will receive the best fuel saving tips for this summer.

And when you factor in that warm air it causes less aerodynamic drag than cold air, those long motorway drives to the seaside could see a 1-5mpg increase under normal driving.

Great news, you might think. But the above benefits of warm weather can be all but eradicated if you are overzealous with your car’s air conditioning system. Air conditioning is a fantastic thing to have in the summer but running your AirCon system will reduce fuel economy significantly, by around 25%. That’s a lot of fuel. But, this does not mean that you can’t use your AC system at all – you can, so long as you are clever about it and use these efficient fuel saving tips.

Here’s some pro Aircon fuel saving tips for this summer:

  • Don’t use the aircon when you are parked or idling to save fuel. When you are not driving your aircon will ask your engine to work extra hard to supply power to the battery.
  • One of the most important fuel saving tips is to not turn on the aircon straight away if your car is hot. Drive with the windows down for a little bit to allow hot air to escape the car. This will reduce the load on your aircon.
  • Try to park in a shaded area or use a sunshade on the windscreen to reflect sunlight and reduce the internal temperature of your car.
  • Don’t use the aircon at lower speeds; roll down your windows instead. At higher speeds, use the aircon as it’ll use less energy and save fuel than the increased drag of open windows.
  • Don’t turn the aircon on full blast. It’s more energy efficient to allow your car to slowly cool by turning your aircon on either to its lowest or second-lowest setting to save your cars’ fuel this summer.
  • Get your aircon serviced. 10% of air conditioning gas permeates from the system every year, so after 5 years the aircon system will only be running at 50% efficiency. The less efficient your aircon is, the more you will use it. We can service and re-gas your AC system for a fantastic price. Get in touch with us today to find out more.
  • Don’t use aircon with your radio at the same time. If you are going to use one of these devices, choose one or the other, or at least dim your radio’s screen to save fuel.
  • Read the owner’s manual. This may have some additional manufacturer-specific fuel saving tips.

It’s rare that we get prolonged periods of Sahara-like weather here in the UK, but when we do it’s worth being in the know about fuel saving tips. Do you have your own fuel saving tips for this summer? Perhaps what we’ve written is nothing new to you? Whatever the case, share your thoughts with us by commenting below or join us on Facebook.