We’re of the belief that a remap can transform any vehicle. Whether you have a small city car, a performance saloon or a tractor, ECU tuning can take it to another level. What ECU remapping does is unlock the true potential of the engine, so that it’s no longer a generic machine – a remapped vehicle will have more bhp, more torque and better fuel economy.

And the best part? Specialist tuners like Hyperchips achieve this without affecting a vehicle’s emissions – in other words, a tuned vehicle is fully MOT compliant.

But if remaps are so good, why aren’t manufacturers doing it?

Surely there’s something not right here?

Here’s the two key reasons that manufacturers aren’t providing remaps:

  • 1.Manufacturers have to push their business and environmental agendas

The reason manufacturers don’t ship their vehicles with what we would call a ‘performance tune’ is because they generally sell one vehicle in various countries, and each of these countries has different emissions targets and tax systems. They also have different climates, different altitudes and differing fuel qualities. As such, manufacturers develop generic software for each car – this generic software is carefully designed to suit the average motorist in each country, and it has substantial compromises with regards to performance as a result. As you might expect, not everyone wants this generic software.

  • 2.It isn’t cost-effective for manufacturers to provide range-wide tuning

You have to remember that OEMs, or car manufacturers, do not commonly provide tuning upgrades because it simply isn’t cost-effective for them development wise and because they know that they can’t compete with third-party tuners who are more accessible and cost-effective for the end user. Exceptions include the VW Golf GTI with the Performance Pack and the Mountune upgrade for the FordFiesta ST, but on the whole manufacturers avoid remapping unless they can package it in a way that’s going to sell and make them money.

And so…

And so, the reason manufacturers aren’t remapping vehicles is for two key reasons:

  • 1.They have to prioritise the majority and not the minority, which means developing ECU software that’s generic and software that will suit 99.99% of customers, and;
  • 2.It is simply not cost-effective for them to provide tuning, unless the tuning is packaged in a shiny way like a Mountune upgrade with the Fiesta ST.

We hope that this answers your questions and helps you decide whether or not ECU remaps are right for you. To find out more about remaps and other tuning-related stuff, check out the latest articles on our blog, or join us on Facebook.