With the potential to boost power and torque by a whopping 30 percent, ECU remapping is easily the best pound-for-pound performance modification one can make to their vehicle – way ahead of the likes of uprated intercoolers, intake systems and exhaust systems.

The process is quick too. Newer vehicles can be remapped directly through the OBD port without the need to remove the ECU in a process that takes around an hour. And older vehicles can be tuned by removing the program chip from the ECU and re-programming it or replacing it with a new chip in a process that takes only half an hour more.

The results of performance remapping are seriously impressive!

The results of performance remapping are impressive. A small petrol turbo engine like the 1.2 105/110 TSI unit in Volkswagen Group cars can see an additional 20bhp and 30 lb /ft. of torque, while a larger turbo petrol engine like the 2.0 T in the Renault Megane 275 can see an additional 40bhp and 60 lb /ft. of torque (or even more). And if you are the lucky owner of a turbo-diesel car, such as a BMW 330d, then you could benefit from a 40 percent increase in torque – over 100 lb /ft., depending on your engine.

These performance increases are made by altering the fuelling, timing and boost pressures on the car – all within safe parameters. These changes translate to drastically improved acceleration throughout the rev range and effortless performance in higher gears.

Performance Remapping is our most popular service!

Performance Remapping is by far our most popular service. We’ve remapped thousands of vehicles including cars, vans, motorbikes, Lorries, tractors and other agricultural machines for customers who grew tired of their vehicle’s lack of performance. We specialise in both diesel and petrol tuning, on forced induction and naturally aspirated vehicles, and we have seen first-hand how a simple remap can completely transform a driver’s experience.

One of our customers, David Whitehall, offers a glimpse into the world of remapping:

I found my 2014 BMW 125i to be lacking at higher speeds on the motorway; it was easily outperformed by more focused hot hatches and I didn’t feel confident overtaking at speed.

I found out about performance remapping after looking for ways to make my car faster and I was impressed by the claimed benefits, so I went ahead with a remap by Hyperchips. I wasn’t really expecting much, but I was utterly gobsmacked by the results. My BMW felt way, way faster at lower speeds and pulled more like a 3.0-litre turbo after it was remapped.

I now overtake slower traffic with a grin on my face because the car picks up so well – I need to be careful though because it piles on speed very quickly!

Would I recommend remapping? Absolutely. It solved my performance woes completely.”

This positive review of performance remapping is not a one off – we have successfully tuned hundreds of vehicles in the last 2 months alone and we’ve carved out a name for ourselves in what is a very competitive industry. Our customers know what to expect from us – a transparent, honest, friendly and professional service, and you can expect the very same.

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