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Remap lost after visit to dealer?

If you have had some work done to your remapped car at a dealership and your car feels noticeably slower than it did before, then there’s a good chance that the reason for this is that your remap has been wiped off the ECU by the dealer.

Why has my remap been lost?

It is industry practice for dealership’s to update ECU software to the latest version released by the manufacturer. So if a dealership runs a search on your car and finds that your ECU software is out of date, then they will flash the ECU with new software. This overrides the mapped file you have on your car and completely replaces it. We have found that this is a common issue that remapped driver’s face when it comes time to getting any kind of work done at a dealership.

What should I do?

If your remap has been lost after a visit to the dealer, the good news is that if you had your car remapped by us then we’ll happily reinstall your remap for you at discounted cost as long as you are within a respectable distance from our HQ in Manchester. If you are far away, then we may still be able to work something out. This service ensures that you can get your remapped performance back without it costing a fortune. We’ll only do this once though – so heed the next bit of advice to minimise the risk of losing your remap:

If you haven’t booked your car in yet and you are concerned about losing your remap, then we recommend you simply inform the dealership that you do not want your ECU to be flashed with new software. This is an option if you are having general maintenance or MOT work performed that is not covered by warranty. The dealer should be able to meet this request, and if they can’t, then simply go to another dealership. Problem solved!

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