Top 10 Hot Hatches of the 90s

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What reminds you of the 90s, Power Rangers? Pokémon? Game Boy? The McLaren F1? The Jaguar XJ220? When we at Hyperchips think about the 90s, we can’t help but flash back to a time when Ford and Renault were dominating the hot hatch scene and when every other car manufacturer was trying its best to […]

Chip tuning vs. Remapping: Is there any difference?

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It’s more common to pull up at the lights after smashing somebody in a naughty little race to hear them gawp “What’s in that! Is it chipped?” than to hear them say “What’s in that! Is it remapped?”. This is strange, because the term ‘remap’ is more common than ‘chip tuning’ in our industry, yet […]

Why will a remap make my car more economical?

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There are three types of Hyperchips customer: Those who want more poweeeeeeeeeeer; Those who want better economy; Those who want a mixture of both. To understand why a remap will make your car more economical, you have to understand what a remap is and what a remap will change about your car. Firstly, let’s address […]

Top 10 hot hatches of the 80s

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The 80s was a glorious decade. Those who grew up in the 80s or lived through it will remember all of the fantastic things it had – Trivial Pursuit, Knight Rider, Band Aid, the Commodore 64, the Sony Walkman, the Rubik’s Cube and of course, a healthy dose of hot hatches. Among all of those it’s the […]

Are VAG performance cars becoming too alike?

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The latest crop of VAG performance cars are on paper very much alike. However, the S3 and R, and GTI and Cupra, all perform very differently out on the road, thanks to the different ways the chassis has been set up. Having said that, things are getting a little too alike for our eyes, with […]

Tune Your Car Like The Wacky Racers

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Sunday’s are often those kind of days where you just sit back under a blanket on the sofa, and do some binge TV watching. We’re all for driving around whenever we can, hitting the open road and opening up the van to give it its full potential, but sometimes, you just want to chill in […]