BMW & Mini Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve (EGR) problems

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When you look at the current technologies deployed by vehicle manufacturers like BMW and Mini to meet increasingly strict emissions targets set by the EU on diesel engines, it’s obvious that these technologies have been rushed to market and are not fit for the job. Examples we’d like to point out are the diesel particulate filter (DPF) […]

Peugeot HDi and Blue HDi remapping

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Peugeot’s HDI engines are among the strongest diesels. They perform extremely well from their lowest outputs to their highest, which are the 1.4 HDI in the Peugeot 206 (2002 – 2005) and Peugeot 407 2.7 V6 HDI respectively and across the HDI range, the driving experience with HDI cars is the same. This is why […]