We are delighted to announce the launch of our newly designed website that’s has been specifically designed to make it easier for people to choose a service and to simply improve user experience.

If you are a regular visitor of ours, then you’ll have noticed some changes around here already. But new and monthly visitors of ours won’t spot these changes so easily, so we’re going to run through them below to help you understand them:

Become a Hyperchips Dealer

We are excited to officially announce that we are accepting people and businesses into our brand, to resell our products. Information surrounding this can be found at our new Become a Hyperchips Dealer page. When you become a Hyperchips dealer, you get everything you need to get started and our unique evaluation process ensures that only the very best candidates get to wear our colours, to ensure that our brand philosophy is upheld. This is a unique opportunity for any aspiring business, so get in touch with us today to find out more.

Performance Checker Tool

Being a tuning company, most of our customers want their vehicle remapping and while we have a dedicated section to before and after results, we understand that not everybody has the time to check them. So we have launched an all-new tool called Performance Checker that lets users search for or choose their make or model of vehicle and view before and after remap performance figures. Users simply have to select their car after they have made their choice to be taken to a special page with the figures. This free to use tool makes finding out before and after figures easier, and it saves our customers time.

Full Width Design

Our newly designed website is full width as opposed to boxed. This has allowed us to increase the amount of content on pages, by making use of unused whitespace. You will notice that on our home page our images look fresher because of this and when resizing your browser everything remains consistent. The people who will benefit from this the most are mobile users, because the content on pages resizes perfectly for smartphones and tablet computers. At the moment, only our homepage is full width, but we will be rolling out full width across our other web pages very soon, so stay tuned!

Speed Increase

Our newly designed website is now much faster than before – building on the fast speeds our old website had. Page loading times have decreased by 0.01 seconds and media like images and videos are pulled from the server faster, helping those with a slow internet connection get the most out of our website and service. This is one of the improvements we’re most happy about because it means that potential customers don’t have to wait around as long for a page to load and it means that you can spend more time on our website, without the pesky interruption of resource-hogging elements struggling to load.

We are going to be making further improvements to our website and its content over the next few months. To stay in the loop, bookmark this article or follow us on Facebook.