Are cheap Part worn tyres worth the risk?

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Are cheap part-worn tyres worth the risk? Tyres are expensive. You can spend over £900 a corner on some cars, and even your Golf R’s and M135i’s will set you back over £120 a corner for good rubber. But that’s the price you pay for quality, isn’t it? After all, tyres are the only contact […]

2.0 TFSI and TSI remap at Hyperchips

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VAG’s 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine, known as the 2.0 TSI in Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen models and the 2.0 TFSI in Audi models, is the most popular performance engine of its type in the UK. It’s been in use since 2007; it replaced the old 1.8 T unit and it’s now available in an impressive […]

The Mercedes A45 AMG Renntech 495, Overkill or downright awesome?

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We’ve been big advocates for hot hatches ever since they were spawned in the 80s and we’ve written in length about why we think the hot hatch market is the most exciting there is. But a Nürburgring-based tuning company thinks otherwise; they’ve seen fit to take the Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG (the fastest 2.0-litre hatch on the […]

ECU Remap Customer Reviews

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ECU remapping doesn’t just improve a car; it also improves the driver’s experience of that car. For this article, we have collected a range of genuine testimonials from Hyperchips customers past and present to give you an idea of how an ECU remap can completely change a vehicle and the owner’s perception. Read on to […]

Aircon fuel saving tips for this summer

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Just as cold weather affects fuel economy, hot weather can too. Although it goes about it in a different way. Whereas cold weather puts increasing strain on your engine to feed your battery and alternator with sufficient energy, thus reducing fuel economy, hot weather puts less strain on your engine because your engine warms up to […]

The Koenigsegg One: 1 will blow whatever you think’s fast away

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When Top Gear’s (ex) presenter Jeremy Clarkson test drove the Koenigsegg CCX in Top Gear series 8, he quickly realised that the Swedish supercar was hugely fast. In fact, he went as far to say that it was the fastest car he’d driven on the test track at the time. It was at this moment we believe […]