ECU remapping doesn’t just improve a car; it also improves the driver’s experience of that car. For this article, we have collected a range of genuine testimonials from Hyperchips customers past and present to give you an idea of how an ECU remap can completely change a vehicle and the owner’s perception. Read on to find out more.

Francis Day, Porsche 911 996 Turbo ECU remap review

“I’ve always owned quick cars and my 911 966 Turbo is the best car I have ever owned. This is my daily driver and I’ve covered 40,000 miles in it in the last 5 years – 3 of those years have been remapped. I called Hyperchips up to enquire about ECU remapping for my Porsche and I was in two minds about getting it done. I was scared that it would come with plenty of mechanical issues further down the line. How wrong I was to be scared. I have been amazed at the outright performance of my Turbo after having it ‘chipped’ by Hyperchips and with over 400bhp my car can keep up with practically anything on the road. It’s also much more relaxing to drive at slower speeds thanks to that extra torque.”

Nicola Symons, Ecu remap Range Rover Evoque 2.2D review

“I fell in love with the Evoque after seeing one at my local LR dealership and I knew I had to have one. I’ve always driven diesels so I went for the 2.2D. I don’t have a need for speed and I found the performance fine, but the economy really let me down. I was seeing just 25mpg from a diesel! That’s just awful. When I called Hyperchips I was told that fuel economy is an issue with these cars and that a remap would help. So I decided to go for it and the results have been excellent; I now get an extra 30 miles minimum out of a tank and I’ve seen my fuel economy get above 35mpg in mixed driving which is great. There is also more power than before so it’s easier to overtake on the motorway. A much better experience.”

Richard Remnick, remap Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG review

“The Mercedes A45 AMG is the top hot hatch available but it isn’t perfect. I found that it was only fast if you are in the right rev range, which it isn’t always because of the auto gearbox. When I called Hyperchips I told them about my issues and they managed to remap my Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG through the OBD port – instead of a tuning box – and the result is that my A45 now absolutely flies from low revs and is a seriously fast car, more so than my previous RS4! If you have an A45 and you’re not as impressed with it as I was then get it remapped because it completely transforms the car for the better.”

Graham White, Volkswagen Golf GTD (184) 2.0 TDI ECU remap review

“I bought my Golf GTD because it felt quick when I test drove it and I rack up more than 15,000 miles per year, so a GTI was off the cards. Two months on, I had gotten used to the power and unfortunately I found it lacking – especially on the motorway. So I called Steve at Hyperchips and arranged to have my GTD remapped. The process took around an hour and I was itching to have a go in it. I had expected to feel a difference in the performance right from the outset, but I wasn’t prepared for the colossal shove in the back that my remapped GTD gave me in second and third gear. It now pulls like a train, and even more so at higher speeds on the motorway. I’m utterly delighted with the results.”

Karice Hart, BMW 320d remap review

“My love affair with the BMW 3-Series started when I had one as a business lease in 2005, and since then I’ve always driven them. I’ve had the 320i and 325d in the past but in 2012 I went for a 320d because it was cheap to tax and had good fuel economy. The trouble is, my husband drives it sometimes and he always complained that it was too slow. I also found that it was too slow at higher speeds. So just 4 months after I bought the car I decided to get it remapped by Hyperchips and the results were immediately noticeable. There’s much higher 6th gear power and there’s no significant drop in pull with the car fully loaded with our kids as there was before! My husband now loves to drive it and I do too.”

Eric Thomson, ECU remap Renault Megane 265 review

“I’ve always loved RenaultSport cars having had a 172, 182 and Clio 200 in the past. As you can imagine the 265 was a massive step up. But it wasn’t as fast as I thought it would be – it was faster than my Clio’s but not significantly so. So I decided to get my car ECU remapped and the results are staggering. Just a slight blip of the throttle now sends me into the horizon and I don’t have to rev my car anymore to get moving. There’s a lot more low-end torque which I am really benefiting from because as standard the car tended to bog down. I have now covered 6,000 miles in my remapped 265 and I’ve enjoyed every mile. The car has been transformed and I recommend all 265 owners do the same.”

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