Morgan Plus 4 – 2.0 – 145bhp ECU Remap

  • Range: Morgan

  • Model: Plus 4 - 2.0 - 145bhp

  • Original BHP: 145 Bhp

  • BHP Increase: 10 Bhp

  • Original NM: 187 Bhp

  • NM Gain: Nm

We've based these figures on proven research and our experience tuning thousands of vehicles over the last 12 years on a dyno during the development of a stage one tuning, along with our on track experience tuning race cars in multiple series.

Every vehicle is different and results may vary due to the age and condition of the vehicle, as well as the fuel quality and air temperature/pressure. It is impossible to accurately predict the performance gain your vehicle will experience and no other company should promise you a specific number due to these variables. We will work with your vehicle however to accommodate all possible improvements, as we also offer tuning with additional modifications which can be catered for on request, including DPF Removal, EGR Deletion, LambdaDeletion, Speed Limiter Removal and even linear throttle mapping.