• BMW M3 F80 remapping through the OBD port
  • Hidden tuning – allows us to include a CVN fix for warranty claims
  • Revert to stock – lets us quickly revert the ECU back to stock for warranty claims

From December 2017, we can remap BMW M3 F80 models through the OBD port thanks to new, state-of-the-art equipment. The F80 M3 is powered by BMW’s S55 engine, a turbocharged direct injection six-cylinder engine with VALVETRONIC variable valve timing.

Just a few months ago, the S55’s ECU had to be removed from the vehicle and drilled open for reprogramming Now, we can tune the S55’s ECU through the OBD port using our unique equipment, which allows for reliable VREAD and WRITE calibration.

Hyperchips Remap

Our BMW F80 M3 remap boosts the power and torque output by a minimum 15 to 20 per cent. This translates to a minimum 65 to 70bhp increase, and a minimum 75 to 80 lb-ft of torque increase. That will take your M3’s power output to around 500bhp. Beyond the numbers, remapping the F80 M3 results in a sharper throttle, better turbo response and a stronger pull throughout the rev range, with the S55 engine pulling harder to 7,500rpm.

The S55 engine can easily handle a 20 per cent power and torque increase. Interested in a high-quality, hassle-free remap for your BMW F80 M3? Call us on 0800 458 1543, email us at or message us on Facebook to register your interest.

BMW M3 – Our take

With the F80 M3, BMW took a left turn at tradition and decided to bow to the modern trend of fitting turbochargers to its engines. The previous-generation E90 M3 was a raw powerhouse with its 4.0-litre, naturally-aspirated V8 engine and RWD layout – a winning formula in any book, and the F80 was the first M3 feature turbocharging. This worried some purists, but over time the S55 engine has won over the majority.

From the factory, the S55 engine in the M3 produces 425bhp and 406 lb-ft of torque, or 444bhp with the Competition Pack. Muscular and free-revving, this engine makes up for the old V8’s lack of noise with raw, muscular performance. It combines perfectly with the F80 M3’s balanced chassis and RWD layout, which keeps you on your toes, and especially when the TCS system is set to Sport Plus mode which allows plenty of slip.